Paul Wales


Paul is a rare breed - a Writer, Creative Director and Video Director. Think of him as both Clark Kent & Superman. Paul creates ideas and writes scripts, then puts his hippest Director glasses on and brings them to life.

An acclaimed Creative Director and brand-builder, Paul has spent the past few year working behind the camera - directing various formats of branded video content. This has earned Paul the rare ability to write and direct brand stories with continuity, purpose and vision. 

Paul’s passion has always resided in film, and crossing-over to the Director’s chair has been seamless. He prides himself in the creation of work that evokes a genuine response, always striving to move his audience emotionally or humorously. 



Chris thinks about things, a lot. Like an intrepid explorer, Chris is in constant pursuit of genuine and meaningful insights. His strategic leadership makes sure our videos work for brands, and connect with people.

Chris' immersive and empathetic approach is driven by a deep focus on how people actually experience a brand - unearthing benefits that can enhance the brand-consumer relationship.

A true video nerd, Chris joined Upstream in early 2017 to create powerful, branded video stories that move both people and businesses.

Bill Moir


Bill is our resident Brand Expert, making sure that all of our video assets tell a meaningful brand story, and help build a business.

As one of the most celebrated marketers over that past quarter century, Bill played a key role in developing the Tim Hortons brand to its iconic status in the Canadian market from 1990 – 2014. Prior to joining Tim Hortons, Bill helped build other leading Canadian brands: Labatt Breweries, Shell Oil, and K-Tel.

Bill helped to found and launch Upstream in 2016. 



Jude is our master of execution. Whether it's keeping our finances on track or running a casting session, her attention to detail and creative problem solving are invaluable.

As an accomplished actress, Jude knows the ins and outs of video production and leverages her experience to help manage our projects.